Maryland and Maine are the first states in the U.S. to put a plastic foam container ban on the books, but other states aren't far behind.

On May 24, Maryland became the nation's second state to ban polystyrene foam cups and containers, after Gov. Larry Hogan let the bill become law without his signature. Maine passed a polystyrene foam ban earlier this year. Maryland's ban will go into effect on July 1, 2020, nearly a year sooner than Maine's.

“These two states did something historic in becoming the first in the country to ban single-use plastic foam," said Alex Truelove, director of our national network's Zero Waste campaign. "Other states should seize the opportunity and follow suit."

Legislatures in Oregon, New Jersey, Connecticut and Vermont are considering similar bans.

"Nothing we use for five minutes should be allowed to pollute our planet for hundreds of years," said Alex. "I’m happy to know Maryland and Maine agree. Who’s next?”

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Photo: Alex Truelove, the director of our national Zero Waste campaign, at an event in Baltimore, Md. Photo Credit: Staff