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New analysis: Washington receives "making progress" marks for COVID-19 containment measures

WashPIRG provides fact sheet based on metrics from coronavirus watchdog
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SEATTLE -- With America as a whole continuing to struggle in containing the COVID-19 virus, WashPIRG released a new fact sheet today calling on Washington to maintain all current restrictions, and consider implementing additional containment measures if COVID-19 cases begin to rise again.

This finding is based on analysis by a nonpartisan group of public health and crisis experts, which ranked Washington as “making progress” based on its analysis of Washington’s performance on four Centers for Disease Control-recommended benchmarks. 

“From early on in this pandemic, it’s been clear that we must listen to public health experts or suffer dire consequences,” said Nicole Walter, WashPIRG interim director. “What we are seeing right now in our state is that while we’re doing some things right, we must act more comprehensively to protect the health and welfare of our citizens and beat this virus.”

The fact sheet provides data in the four key categories: 14-day decline in influenza-like illness; declining COVID positive cases; diminishing percentage of COVID positive cases; and appropriate hospital capacity.

As of June 26, Washington was meeting two of four benchmarks. Washington has seen a slight increase in the test positivity rate and rolling average for new diagnosed cases. Washington continues to perform well in the other two metrics: a two week decline in influenza-like illnesses and in hospital capacity.

Nationally, only three states are meeting the standards in all four categories as of June 29th.

“Every situation is different, so there’s no one-size-fits all formula for states to follow to the letter,” continued Walter. “But Washington must redouble its efforts in order to do its part to combat COVID-19. It must improve in testing and see a decline in documented cases of COVID-19 before continuing to reopen.”

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